About Bringing BC to Ottawa's Climate Welcome

We need your help to raise money to send a delegation from 350Vancouver to Ottawa from British Columbia by November 1st. Pitch in $10, $20, $50 or more to help bring our Climate Welcome to Ottawa, every little bit helps. http://climatewelcome.ca/ Justin Trudeau ran on a campaign of change and won with a red wave across the country. It is time for us to hold the new government's feet to the fire and demand they deliver the change that was promised.

It’s a pivotal moment on our planet — 2015 has been defined by the wildfires, floods and record breaking temperatures that made headlines across Canada and around the globe this summer. And it’s a pivotal moment in our country’s history, with a chance to actually set a new and constructive course for the future. So we need you to step up.

Delegates from BC are going to be risking arrest in a gentle but serious series of actions designed to welcome the new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to 24 Sussex Dr by calling on him to change the direction that Canada has been headed. As you know, Canada’s been a global pariah on climate change issues for the last decade. Since this is the most important issue on the planet right now, that’s a seriously bad position to be in. And we’re in it for one big reason: the tar sands. The time has come to stop pretending. If we’re serious about global warming, the first thing we need to do is freeze the expansion of the tar sands. Climate scientists insist that if we have any hope of meeting global climate targets, 85% of that oil has to stay in the ground. Help send delegates from British Columbia to Ottawa to bring voices from the West Coast to the new government, demanding Climate Action Now.

Help send delegates from British Columbia to Ottawa to bring voices from the West Coast to the new government, demanding Climate Action Now.

For four days, we’ll march on the Prime Minister’s residence, sit-in and deliver welcome gifts. The gifts will come from all across Canada and come in many forms, from reports detailing how Canada can get off of fossil fuels, to thousands of messages describing why a clean energy future is in all of our best interest. We will do it in a dignified fashion, demonstrating that our demands are not radical, but rather that freezing tar sands expansion is the smartest first step to getting Canada back on track. Here’s what it could look like – Indigenous peoples, students, parents, teachers, climate scientists and people from all across Canada ready to greet Justin Trudeau right at his doorstep. The more money we raise, the more delegates we can send.

Send a message to Justin Trudeau. Send us to Ottawa.

In Solidarity

Kaschelle Thiessen


Why West Coast Voices? Folks from across Canada are traveling to Ottawa for the Climate Welcome. We believe it is important to have representatives from across the country, to bring local messages to Ottawa. We want to send a message that decisions made in Ottawa impact all of us, and must include all of us. Valeen Jules https://vimeo.com/124875849 Take a minute to listen to Valeen's words durnig that speech, and you will understand why we want to bring this amazing youth's voice to Ottawa. Valeen is a First Nations woman who was just seventeen when she spoke those powerful words. A powerful orator who speaks from the heart, Valeen is a woman to watch for. She has spoken at several 350vancouver events because Valeen knows that youth will lead the way - that the path towards climate justice includes decolonial love and rage. Kaschelle Thiessen Kaschelle is a queer mother to two feisty activist children from Vancouver, board member of 350vancouver and student of economics. Kaschelle knows that climate justice at its core is about social justice - that the coming climate crisis will impact minorities and front line communities first and hardest. She wants to bring her passion for people and community to Ottawa and stand up for the global community - both current and future. Rose Stiffarm Rose is a student at Capilano University of Chippewa Cree, Siksika, Tsartlip, Cowichan, Gros Ventre, Assiniboine, French, and Scottish ancestry. Rose has taken the Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking Program, the Cinematography for Film and Video Program, in addition to the Motion Picture Arts Program. She believes in the power of filmmaking, and the role documenting this encounter in climate justice plays. As an Indigenous person, Rose believes it is important to help take care of the Earth so that it can provide for future generations. Katrina Stone Katrina is a single mother from Nanamio who works in the health care industry. Katrina feels a responsibility to take care of her child, and that includes taking care of our climate. She knows that her child's future security is dependent on climate justice. Katrina also feels a need to contribute to society and pay back to her community for everything she has received in her lifetime. She wants to bring a West Coast voice to Ottawa to remind our government that all of our futures are dependent on climate action now.